Here is where I post recipes I’ve created.

I upload most of my recipes to site.  They have awesome user submitted recipes and blog their adventures in Paleo/Crossfit/Muay Thai and all things related to this lifestyle!!  James & Kristin are Awesome!!

I also get a lot of my inspiration from my buddy George Bryant, The Civilized Caveman.  He comes up with some of the greatest stuff with very few ingredients, and we are always looking to work together to come up with something awesome!!

The ever growing list, keep checking back for updates!!

Big Tim’s Simple Salsa…I put this stuff on almost everything from eggs, to burgers and steak, and use it as salad dressing too.

Big Tim’s Meat(loaf) Cake…Lots of fun with this one.

Big Tim’s Crock Pot BBQ Beef…There is a link in the recipe to the Son of Grok’s BBQ sauce, and it is a very good sauce, however I have since switched to my friend George Bryant’s Beasty BBQ Sauce recipe.  George is my buddy over at Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.

Big Tim’s Primalized Chili…This is probably my most famous dish, and my favorite.  I’ve made it for years and it’s always a hit, and since going Primal/Paleo I’ve eliminated the beans and it’s an all meat chili…I now substitute various Bell Peppers diced up to compensate for the beans.

Big Tim’s Simple GROKamole…Great use of avocado if you don’t like to eat them plain.  Another great egg & burger topper!!

Big Tim’s GROK Pot Baby Back Ribs…who doesn’t love Ribs??!! This is a simple recipe to just put them in a Crock (GROK) Pot and walk away for hours…Fall off the bone goodness!! Combine with the Beasty BBQ Sauce listed above!!

Big Tim’s GROK Pot Orange Garlic Chicken…Looking for new juicer ways to cook chicken??!! Cook it in a Crock (GROK) Pot!! Great adaptation recipe from my buddy the Civilized Caveman!!

Big Tim’s Paleo Turkey Tacos…Who doesn’t love tacos??!!  You can use any kind of meat you wish, these just happen to be ground turkey 😀

Big Tim’s Primal Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza…The only old life food I truly miss is Pizza!!! Well…Not anymore!!! I created my own Primal/Paleo version!! Top it with whatever you like!!!

Big Tim’s BBQ/Oven Baby Back Ribs…These are my traditional ribs I do on the BBQ or in the Oven. Can be eaten with or without sauce!! Have fun with it!!

Big Tim’s 4 Bees Meatballs…Beef, Bison, Boar, Bacon Meatballs!! Oh heck yea!! 😀

Big Tim’s Wife Kathy’s Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies…My wife made these awesome Paleo cookies!! Give em a try!!

Big Tim’s Grok Pot Pulled Pork…My version of a classic recipe!! 😀

Crock Pot Simple Short Ribs…Collaboration with Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations!!! Awesome Team we make!!

Primal Strawberry Banana Ice Cream…Link to the blog here for a simple and satisfying homemade ice cream recipe! 🙂 Enjoy!!

Big Tim’s Meatballs & Sauce…Link to the blog here for my homemade sauce and meatballs.

New And Improved Primalized Chili…Link to the blog here for the new chili!! 🙂

Big Tim’s Chipotle Hickory BBQ Sauce…Awesome Smokey Sauce!!

Check back often for updates!



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