About me

Hi my name is Tim, and I hope to inspire and inform everyone who comes to my page.

I am living my life now eating Primal / Paleo, as both of these terms tend to classify the paleolithic/caveman lifestyle that is changing the way my body feels not only from the outside, but the inside as well.

You can find my full story in the NOTES at my facebook page of the same name Big Tim’s Primal Journey

Disclaimer:  I am not a licensed dietitian or nutritionist.  All the views on my blog are my own, and if anyone reading this chooses to follow along and live the same type lifestyle as I am, that is of their own choosing.  This site is for motivation and information only, and all the views on the site are my own personal opinions and experiences based on what has occurred with my own body.  Your results may vary!

I am currently studying to become a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, and Weight Management Consultant through the AFPA.  Will update my status when each course is completed and the certification has been attained 🙂

Thanks for viewing, and tell your friends.  Live Primal!! Get Healthy!! Feel Amazing!!

5 responses to “About me

  1. cepotteiger

    Any chance I could be friends with you on fb. You story is an inspiration for me and my patients.

  2. Great Blog Tim! Definitely an inspiration to others.

  3. TJ Ward

    Tim! When we were working out this morning I thought you looked familiar. I even almost asked, “Hey, are you Big Tim from Big Tim’s Primal Journey??” I figured I was way off. But it is you!! It was so nice meeting you today. I hope we get to workout again together soon!


    P.S. Tell your wife that her Chocolate Chip Cookies are, seriously, the best I’ve ever had, Primal or not. I’ve only made the one batch because I’m scared I’ll eat them all if I make them again!!

    • HAHAHA T.J. That’s great!! So very happy to have met you too!! We have the best CrossFit Box!! 🙂 The great thing about the cookies is they’re pretty guilt free. It’s all primal ingredients, and the best part, they don’t spike blood sugar so hey, enjoy them, but yea they go quick!! 🙂 Look forward to seeing you at the box too!

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