Book Review!! Make Shi(f)t Happen by Dean Dwyer

Hey Journey fans.

I was asked by my buddy Dean Dwyer if I would like to get a copy of his new book and to check it out (read it) and do a review of it.  Well yes of course I told him that I would be more than happy to digest the info, and can’t pass up the opportunity to give my opinion!!  I received my copy of Make Shi(f)t Happen last Saturday afternoon.  I sat down and read the book Monday for 3 hours straight, had to pick up the boys from school and go to CrossFit and I finished the last few pages Monday evening.

I have never read a book cover to cover in one day that I didn’t have to cram for a test on hahaha!! It is an amazing and inspiring read!

Dean is so genuine with his approach, and mind you, he is not a “weight loss expert” in the clinical sense, he is an Expert of HIM and what worked for him.  In the technical sense, given his dramatic transformation, Dean is absolutely what I would consider “An Expert” and has a bright future in this Paleo movement.  His enthusiasm throughout the book with the many other Non-food related anecdotes really make the book that much more enjoyable to read, (obviously if I finished it in less than a day!)  He is a well read individual, and through his extensive experience he conveys his message very well.  As you will see, Dean is very detail oriented, and he runs his body like a business.  This is a great idea, and one that far too many of us do not do including myself.  This is just one of the reasons that makes Dean successful in life.

The 20 Life-Changing Shifts are done in a specific order, in what I think is order of importance.  However, Shift # 20 “Do Something Seismic” is just as important as Shift # 1 “Go Paleo” because it is all encompassing, and each shift really incorporates all the other shifts making all 20 necessary to achieving the ultimate goal.

The Foreward of the book had me laughing right away.  Again, Dean is not a typical expert (which he talks about in Shift # 19 Ignore Most (But Not All) Experts), he thinks differently, and because of that, it makes him unique.  He is just telling his story, and what worked for him, and ultimately if what he did can change one person’s life by applying one, two or all 20 of the shifts to their own life, then he has again succeeded!

“Typically this section of the book is for the foreword: you know, the section where I get some big name to exaggerate how flipping’ awesome I am.” – Dean Dwyer

What a great line! He immediately goes on to say why he ditched that theory, and makes the reader feel great by not having to roll their eyes on the first page of the book!!

Dean’s humor is present in timely places throughout the book, and he is humble at the same time.

After the last Shift is presented, Shift #1 Go Paleo, (which surprisingly was the 2nd favorite part of the book) Dean presents the story of Laurie Anne, whom I happen to be friends with through Facebook, and my own journey, and have had many conversations with her through my own page and Facebook groups. Her story is equally as incredible as Dean’s and he breaks down her testimonial in an interview with her, and applies questions that make the Shifts he presented understandable and user friendly in a real world scenario, of which Laurie Anne indirectly and directly used many of the techniques Dean used in her very own Journey.   She has had an amazing transformation, and continues to lead life by example, and while her family was not on board during that interview, they currently are now and are all thriving!!  That is what true change is!!  Congrats to you Laurie Anne as well!!  You are a superstar and I am happy to call you and Dean both Friends.

At the end of the book (no I’m not spoiling anything) Dean lists an amazing bunch of references, books, blogs, podcasts, and people who have helped him succeed on his journey, and as a Paleo Blogger myself, I know just about everyone of these people and can say as Dean did, what an incredible community we truly have, and our impact on this world is changing lives daily!!

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend everyone picking up a copy of Dean Dwyer’s MAKE SHI(F)T HAPPEN.  I wish you continued success Dean, and look forward to when we meet in person some day!!


Get the book!! 🙂 Paperback Kindle Edition

Visit Dean’s websites

Make Shift


Follow Dean on his Being Primal Facebook page

And on Twitter @beingprimal


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9 responses to “Book Review!! Make Shi(f)t Happen by Dean Dwyer

  1. Well done Tim. Very good review on a book I am looking forward to reading and reviewing myself.

  2. malvs2walk

    Thanks for the review, Tim! I need to purchase a copy of Dean’s book for myself! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Dean at Paleofx. He makes some great points in conversation, and through his blog, so I am sure the book just drives those points home!

    • deandwyer

      Not to sound biased Mary Ann (warning this is biased 🙂 but I make some awesome points…ha ha! I think you would enjoy it!

  3. deandwyer

    Tim LOVED your review…not just because I wrote the freaking book, but more because your review was you…its real and it’s genuine…glad you enjoyed the foreword..that was the last thing I wrote and it took me 2 weeks before I decided I would write it myself…

  4. Thanks for the review, Tim. I haven’t received my copy yet and am so looking forward to it so this filled a little gap. And so happy to hear it is a great, easy read. So many books are dense and weighty, I’m looking forward to a little fun *and* insight in my reading pile. Rather like Dean, really. 😉

  5. Laurie Anne

    Tim, what can I say…there is no need for me to write a review, as you have said it all and said it so well!
    I have yet to read Dean’s book but look forward to it, and not just because I’m in it 🙂 but because the two of you are some of the most genuine, heartfelt, helpful, kind, funny, and loyal people I know.
    You are truly inspirational !
    I am blessed to be able to call you both friends.
    -Laurie Anne

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