Me, 9 Months to NEW – How about YOU?

Wow!!  Tomorrow, Saturday January 28th 2012, I will have been living this lifestyle for 9 months!!  What happens in 9 months usually?  It takes that long for a human life to be born. (Yea yea technically I know it can be shorter, and was for my twin boys!!) but I digress, usually this is the normal term.

9 months, that’s a lot of processing that has to go on to become a human.  In 9 months we go from a single organism to the complex bunch of cells, nerves, tissue, bone, muscle and fat to become what we call human!!  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  The human body is the most complex and forgiving machine on the planet.  We spend years torturing it with bad food, over bearing exercise, and crazy activities that push it to the brink of breaking!!  Some are better at breaking it than others, and some while they may look fabulous on the outside, they really are not so fabulous on the inside.

It takes some longer than others to finally reach that breaking point to where they finally say “I am broken” and then make the harder decision to actually want to “heal” from the inside out.  I got to that point on 4/27/11.  So today 9 months ago, I told myself, deep down, honestly and truly, “I am BROKEN and I am sick of it, and I will do whatever I can to become a better human!”  Thankfully I found the answer and spent 8 hours that day reading and researching, and came to the conclusion that Primal/Paleo living WOULD BE THE ANSWER!! I started the way of eating the next day 4/28/11

To all of you who have yet to give this lifestyle a try and think it’s just a fad, or a gimmick, or a bunch of crazy people who think we should all live in caves if this is what we call our “diet” I say to you “WHAT ARE YOU REALLY AFRAID OF?” Are you afraid we are right? How can you argue with the many results, issues, diseases, afflictions, conditions, aches, pains, and problems that we have all lessened and even healed? That your doctor, nutritionist, or government couldn’t possibly be wrong? Could they?!!! They are the “Experts” and the “Experts” are NEVER WRONG!! The medical community has made unbelievable strides in procedures that can fix many things, and they have a place for the major things that simple diet cannot fix.  However relying on drugs to fix common issues without even exploring the possibility of maybe something you ate is causing your problem, and prescribing food first instead of the latest drug, that is where I take issue. Don’t you want your doctors to be up on ALL THE LATEST RESEARCH instead of just what they are told to tell you?  This is what always baffles me about conventional wisdom and reminds me of a famous quote from an evil man.

Joseph Goebbels wrote the following paragraph in an article dated 12 January 1941

The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

 It has been used many times as…If you tell a lie big enough and often enough, everyone will believe it.

Well guess what!! I’m here to tell you that we have been fed the lies by the by the book, Conventional doctor/nutritionist/government in today’s definition of “healthy living.”  They are unwilling to admit their MISTAKES and the LIES that we have been told for fear of losing YOUR BUSINESS!!  That’s right, THE BUSINESS OF SICKNESS, ILLNESS AND CHRONIC PAIN!!  “They” don’t get paid if you are well!! It’s eat this low fat, low cholesterol, high carbohydrate diet to lose weight, and take this statin for your high cholesterol, this pill for your high blood pressure, or take this drug because you “can’t get it up.”  Well guess what…most everyone I speak to, have none of these problems because of living this way.  Pretty freaking amazing actually.  Check out these statistics from the start of the “low fat craze” in 1977. 

The only person who can be the Expert of you, IS YOU!!  All the advice that anyone gives you must be questioned and tried out on you, by you, in order to make an informed decision to decide if that was RIGHT or WRONG for YOU!!  No special schooling is necessary, you don’t need a college degree or a medical degree, or a nutritional degree to eat real food and see if it works or not.  Self experimentation is the only way to truly know what works FOR YOU!!

If someone tells me they CAN’T ever give up Bread or Pasta or their beloved Oatmeal, they never give a reason other than “Oh I could never do that, or eating meat will give you cancer, or all that fat will make me fatter, or you’ll get high cholesterol eating all those eggs.”  That is where the world has been fed a great big lie!!  All those who still believe it (because they haven’t been convinced otherwise by trying something new) They are the ones that truly need the most help.  They are in such a brainwashed state of denial that they are UNWILLING TO EVEN TRY to get past the thinking, past that “you are afraid of me being right” stage.  As my good friend Joanne Ellett of Bellatrix Nutrition posted one day “I can’t means…I Certainly Am Not Trying”  Those words ring in my head every time I hear someone say I can’t do something.

Get past the DOGMA people.  If you never attempt to live this way, you will never know if it’s right or wrong FOR YOU.  Don’t just say it doesn’t work, or you could never do that, because that just means you are afraid of being wrong.

One thing I have learned on this 9 month journey so far.  If you never fail, then you can never truly heal!!  IF YOU DON’T TRY IT, YOU CAN NEVER CLAIM IT DOESN’T WORK!!!  If you don’t get up after falling down, only then will you fail!!

What have you got to lose in trying something for 30 days??  Your pride?  Your stubbornness?  Stop making excuses for what you are afraid of!!  Get out of the comfort zone of your sugar processed life and learn to EAT REAL FOOD!

I heal myself on the INSIDE AND OUTSIDE with each meal, each workout, and each night’s sleep.   What are you going to do to truly “HEAL” YOU??!!

I posted a couple months back my version of “The Primal/Paleo Template in my own words”.  Check it out and begin your NEW Journey TODAY!!  Think of what you will reflect on in 9 months as a “NEW” human!!

Thanks for reading and much love to you all!!



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24 responses to “Me, 9 Months to NEW – How about YOU?

  1. Annie

    You. Are. AWESOME!!!!

  2. Wow, powerful post man, I can feel the passion in your voice. 7 months ago, I gave up being a vegetarian and I’m never turning back. Thanks for the amazing post, I’ll be showing it a lot of people (esp my gf who believes I will die because I eat too many eggs)

    • Thank you, and congrats on your switch!! There’s lots of research to prove we’re right, it’s getting people to believe it that is the tough part!! If you never take a chance, you will never know!! Happy you found the way!

  3. Love it – this is awesome.

  4. Heidi Maxwell

    Grok On Big TIm! Grok On! ❤

  5. jenPAF

    I heart big Tim 🙂 you always say it right and to the point! and always exactly what I want to tell people. thanks so much for putting yourself out there and getting healthy and being awesome. grok on!!

  6. Sara Wyant

    Your a true inspiration! Congrats on 9 months. That is awesome

  7. great job man, love reading your insight / experience with it all.. been about 12 months for me now too 🙂

    Petros (IPMG)

  8. Archie Robertson

    Powerfully written, honest and forceful, Tim. I’m delighted you’ve dared to face down the naysayers and jeremiahs, and to defy received wisdom.
    More strength to your powerful elbow!

  9. Sergio

    You are the man! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m right behind you man… Almost 8 months for me!

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