Fat Then Fit Now Rebuttal to CNN Interview

Hey Journey Fans!!!

Please check out this great blog post from my friend Dr. Joe Leonardi of Fat Then Fit Now!! He took the info I sent him on the bogus CNN Interview with Dr. Melina Jampolis, and broke it down!!

The mainstream world is so afraid that Paleo is right that they will say and do anything to make sure that we humans don’t eat the way were supposed to!! It’s all about money, and as you will see, all she’s doing is promoting her PROCESSED GARBAGE FOOD!!


Please check out Dr. Joe’s blog and subscribe to it as well!! He has always got great info!!







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4 responses to “Fat Then Fit Now Rebuttal to CNN Interview

  1. Great article! I say CNN should call Dr. Leonardi!!!!

  2. Laura

    I’ve recently started following a Primal diet. I have never felt better in just two short weeks. When I read the article I was flabbergasted to say the least and then encouraged by all the responses promoting the Paleo/Primal diet.

    • Absolutely Laura!! Lots of us left our mark!! We can’t stand when people bash this lifestyle for it working!! 😀 Haters are gonna hate, but when they hate because they’re afraid of losing their sponsorships or just plain lie, we take offense and will defend our primal ways!!

      Congrats on your journey!! feel free to follow me on facebook too!! Click on my link to the left 😀


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