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5 Months Results!!!

5 Months!!! Wow!! I can’t believe how fast time goes!!

I had a great month…after the 1.4lb gain in August, I changed up some things and cut out dairy for a couple weeks.  That seemed to be my sticking point in August, so by tweaking it up a bit, and removing it, it didn’t take long for the body to get back to burning.  I have now released and left behind 9.2lbs never to be seen again 😀

Bodyfat percentages are still going down, inches continue to go down, my blood sugar continues to be right around the upper ranges of normal, and I feel absolutely amazing!!

Here’s the link to the spreadsheet.  150 Day results.


Thank you all so much for your continued support and inspiration!!!



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Hey Journey Blog fans!!! Are you ready for a contest??!!

My good buddy George, The Civilized Caveman, is giving away 80lbs of Grass Fed/Grass Finished meat from MM Livestock Co. This is huge!! and quite expensive!! Please check out the contest page, and follow the instructions on your chance to win some awesome meat!!

Here’s the link>>> Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations Meat Giveaway Contest!! 

Also please visit MM Livestock Co. and contact Megan to show you around, and if you don’t win the contest, set yourself up to buy some fabulous meat from her!!!

You can also find links to the contest on both my Journey page, and the Caveman’s page in Facebook!!

Good luck to you all!!

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Fat Then Fit Now Rebuttal to CNN Interview

Hey Journey Fans!!!

Please check out this great blog post from my friend Dr. Joe Leonardi of Fat Then Fit Now!! He took the info I sent him on the bogus CNN Interview with Dr. Melina Jampolis, and broke it down!!

The mainstream world is so afraid that Paleo is right that they will say and do anything to make sure that we humans don’t eat the way were supposed to!! It’s all about money, and as you will see, all she’s doing is promoting her PROCESSED GARBAGE FOOD!! 

Please check out Dr. Joe’s blog and subscribe to it as well!! He has always got great info!!







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