120 Day Results!!!

Hey Journey Blog Fans!!!

I love you all, and all of my friends who keep sharing the love in this wonderful community of Primal/Paleo peeps!! You are my true inspiration, and I’m happy I can share my successes and inspire others as well!!

As many have seen on my facebook page, I posted my before and after pics at the 4 month mark.  Your response and love is overwhelming and I am so very happy.  So to report for my 4 month results, I actually gained 1.6 lbs this past month, and I don’t even care!! LOL!! I lost 1.3% bodyfat!!! Oh yea and my blood glucose levels continue to be in normal ranges now!! That alone in that short time frame is the most incredible thing of all!!

I began doing Crossfit, and I have continued to lose inches around my chest, torso and stomach, while gaining size in my arms and legs from all of the awesome Crossfit WOD’s (Workout of the Day) for those not familiar with Crossfit, and as my pictures show, the results speak for themselves.  I am not worried about the number one bit!! I am gaining muscle and losing bodyfat, the number will drop eventually!!

Thank you again for all of your love and support, and I look forward to another exciting month of living Primal/Paleo!! I urge you all to tell your loved ones, parents, grandparents, kids, friends, co-workers, and anyone who thinks they can’t do this to come to my page, see my posts, pictures, food porn and results and look themselves in the mirror and say they can’t do this!! I will be right there telling them all that THEY CAN!!

Click the link below and check out my current stats!!









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5 responses to “120 Day Results!!!

  1. FED

    Great work Big Tim! From your pictures, it looks like you’ve shed A LOT of dangerous visceral fat.

  2. Thank you Tony!!! Much appreciated bud!! It’s working!! 😀

  3. great job my friend… keep up the great work!!!


  4. Wowee, way to go, Tim! Congratulations. That’s very, very impressive. And four months? Wow.

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