Am I Normal Now??!! OMG!!


Wow, the time does fly.  I haven’t posted anything here on the blog for a couple weeks, and my facebook page is growing daily with now over 1150+ awesome people and pages following my Journey over there!! I would love to have that many subscribers here too, and will update a bit more often here!!

The main reason for my post today is I’m so very excited because I really am convinced that I am curing my T2 Diabetes.  Over on the Journey page on facebook, I posted my breakfast pic after doing crossfit today.  Made a 4 egg omelet, with my homemade chili, my salsa (recipes linked on the recipe tab) and avocado, ate that at about 12:00pm…At 1:00pm, I took my BG, and it was 99!!!! WOO FREAKIN HOO!! 99!! I love pulling a Wayne Gretzky!!

This is the main reason I started this journey!! It works!! Don’t let anyone on this earth tell you it doesn’t and there is no cure for T2…there is!! I am proof!!  Some will say that “oh you are only just controlling it, it’s never cured.”

Well since I NEVER will go back to eating the (SAD) Standard American Diet ever again, and my BG stays in normal ranges being Primal/Paleo, then sorry, but I am cured!! If you can think it, you can do it!! I fully believe this!!  Don’t just take my word for it, I want to give a shout out to my friend Steve Cooksey, The Diabetes Warrior!! He is such an inspiration for me, and he also has cured his T2, and anyone with this condition should check out his blog over at as well!!

The past 2 weeks have been great, I feel awesome, I’ve been doing Crossfit 2-3 times a week now, and if all goes well, my goal is 4 times this week.  Getting stronger every workout!!  Everyone in my “box” (Crossfit Lingo for place you workout) is just so awesome and encouraging, and I meet someone new each day!!
I’ve added a few links to the Blogroll so please check out my other friend’s blogs, and if you haven’t started your own Primal/Paleo Journey yet…what are you waiting for??!! Give it 30 days!! It’ll change your life!! I promise you!!  😀



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16 responses to “Am I Normal Now??!! OMG!!

  1. So glad I found your blog. Cheers on your paleo success!

    • Thank you Phil!! Please visit my facebook page too…link is in the post, and on the page!! I will be doing my best to update the blog more often. I’m very active on the fb page! Lots of info in the notes section!!

  2. Congrats Tim! So happy for you, keep up the great work!

  3. I have been eating Paleo for about a month now after being referred by a doctor for my Diabetes. Slowly but surely my blood sugar is going down and soon I will be “normal”. I love Paleo and will not go back to the standard American diet, no matter what. Thanks for your post, helps me know it’s doable.

    • That is Excellent to hear Robyn!! I am so happy you have a doctor that is smart enough to refer you to this eating lifestyle!! It is possible!! You are gonna beat it!! 😀

  4. Stephanie

    Congrats! I wish everyone with T2 could break away from the horrible advice the doctors & dietitians give out – it could save so many lives! I’ve had so many tell me that their doctors insist they HAVE to eat a large amount of carbs and that getting their blood sugar to 180 after a meal is as much as they can hope for… and of course load up the meds!

    I’ve been on and off low-carb for 10 years, once I was diagnosed with PCOS & Insulin Resistance (Pre-Diabetes)…and there is no doubt that eating right works. I just had a baby, so I ate a very strict diet while pregnant and ended up losing 30lbs during the pregnancy (I had it to lose!) and had an extremely healthy pregnancy and baby. I’ve continued with the high fat / low carb way of eating and the pounds are melting off. I don’t have a scale, but I can see the inches disappearing, and my wedding rings are about to fall off (I’ve been married for 12 years!). The BEST part is that I AM NORMAL too… last A1c was 5.2, and my numbers stay under 100 unless I eat something out of the ordinary. No medication needed.

    So many people are able to control their T2 with this type of diet and get off the medication…and it infuriates me that doctors continue to push bad advice that is killing their patients! I’m very passionate, as you can see! LOL

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much Stephanie!! Awesome story yourself!! Yes you are Normal!!

      All we can do is spread the word!! Help from the Conventional Wisdom thinking medical community will not promote this lifestyle!!

      There are some that do, and with their help, we can change it!! Great job!!

  5. Cheers on your success! I love your story!

  6. Congrats to you Tim.

    People need to know how SIMPLE it is… rarely will they hear it from a “Diabetes Educator”… ‘we’ must tell them. So congrats TOO for caring and sharing. 🙂


  7. Rhonda C. aka Grokin' Granny

    Tim…you are a huge inspiration to me and a lot of people. So glad I found paleo and YOU!!

    • Thank you so much Rhonda!! I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I totally missed your post!! I am happy we have connected and happy that you found Paleo too!! You are doing amazing as well, and I always enjoy our interactions!! 😀 Keep Grokin it Granny!! ;-D

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