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120 Day Results!!!

Hey Journey Blog Fans!!!

I love you all, and all of my friends who keep sharing the love in this wonderful community of Primal/Paleo peeps!! You are my true inspiration, and I’m happy I can share my successes and inspire others as well!!

As many have seen on my facebook page, I posted my before and after pics at the 4 month mark.  Your response and love is overwhelming and I am so very happy.  So to report for my 4 month results, I actually gained 1.6 lbs this past month, and I don’t even care!! LOL!! I lost 1.3% bodyfat!!! Oh yea and my blood glucose levels continue to be in normal ranges now!! That alone in that short time frame is the most incredible thing of all!!

I began doing Crossfit, and I have continued to lose inches around my chest, torso and stomach, while gaining size in my arms and legs from all of the awesome Crossfit WOD’s (Workout of the Day) for those not familiar with Crossfit, and as my pictures show, the results speak for themselves.  I am not worried about the number one bit!! I am gaining muscle and losing bodyfat, the number will drop eventually!!

Thank you again for all of your love and support, and I look forward to another exciting month of living Primal/Paleo!! I urge you all to tell your loved ones, parents, grandparents, kids, friends, co-workers, and anyone who thinks they can’t do this to come to my page, see my posts, pictures, food porn and results and look themselves in the mirror and say they can’t do this!! I will be right there telling them all that THEY CAN!!

Click the link below and check out my current stats!!








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Am I Normal Now??!! OMG!!


Wow, the time does fly.  I haven’t posted anything here on the blog for a couple weeks, and my facebook page is growing daily with now over 1150+ awesome people and pages following my Journey over there!! I would love to have that many subscribers here too, and will update a bit more often here!!

The main reason for my post today is I’m so very excited because I really am convinced that I am curing my T2 Diabetes.  Over on the Journey page on facebook, I posted my breakfast pic after doing crossfit today.  Made a 4 egg omelet, with my homemade chili, my salsa (recipes linked on the recipe tab) and avocado, ate that at about 12:00pm…At 1:00pm, I took my BG, and it was 99!!!! WOO FREAKIN HOO!! 99!! I love pulling a Wayne Gretzky!!

This is the main reason I started this journey!! It works!! Don’t let anyone on this earth tell you it doesn’t and there is no cure for T2…there is!! I am proof!!  Some will say that “oh you are only just controlling it, it’s never cured.”

Well since I NEVER will go back to eating the (SAD) Standard American Diet ever again, and my BG stays in normal ranges being Primal/Paleo, then sorry, but I am cured!! If you can think it, you can do it!! I fully believe this!!  Don’t just take my word for it, I want to give a shout out to my friend Steve Cooksey, The Diabetes Warrior!! He is such an inspiration for me, and he also has cured his T2, and anyone with this condition should check out his blog over at as well!!

The past 2 weeks have been great, I feel awesome, I’ve been doing Crossfit 2-3 times a week now, and if all goes well, my goal is 4 times this week.  Getting stronger every workout!!  Everyone in my “box” (Crossfit Lingo for place you workout) is just so awesome and encouraging, and I meet someone new each day!!
I’ve added a few links to the Blogroll so please check out my other friend’s blogs, and if you haven’t started your own Primal/Paleo Journey yet…what are you waiting for??!! Give it 30 days!! It’ll change your life!! I promise you!!  😀



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ROD’s and WOD’s!!! August 1st, 2011

Hello friends!!

New featured recipe of the day (ROD) out on Check it out!  I call it Big Tim’s Primal Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza!!    This recipe is very customizable to whatever tastes and likes you have for pizza.  All made with ZERO bread!! It’s a Meatza Pizza!!  Add whatever toppings you wish.  Meats, veggies, homemade sauces, and cheese if you have no problems with it!! This is a great one for the kids!

Great start to a new month!  It began sorta early…I gave myself the gift of joining a Crossfit gym on my birthday 7/26/11, and today August 1st, I just finished my 3rd Crossfit workout, and I love it!!  My new friends over at CrossfitSCV are amazing and inspiring people!  Check out their site, click on their Workout Of The Day (WOD) page and see what amazing things can happen when you push yourself beyond any limits you thought you had!!

My first 3 workouts were just a warm up to test my abilities!! Now the fun will begin!! I am so looking forward to throwing some weights around, (I say this now…LOL) it is a life changing experience for sure, and I highly recommend it.  It is an investment in yourself to achieve the greatest level of fitness you can have, and for those who cannot afford it, you can go online to and read through the page, and find workouts you can do in your own living room!! There are no excuses!! Anyone CAN DO what I do!!

Everyone I have come in contact with is just so helpful and encouraging, and after watching the Crossfit Games online this weekend, it definitely got the blood going to strive to do what these incredible athletes do!!  I begin lifting on Wednesday!! Can’t wait!!  For even more inspiration, check out the archives from the Crossfit Games this past weekend.!!  Not sure how long the link will remain out there, so definitely check it out!!

There is a Masters class where there are 40, 50 & 60+ yr. olds men and women doing this, so like I said…No excuses!! It is scalable to every level of fitness…It’s NEVER TOO LATE to START!!  If you are able bodied you CAN do this!! if you think it, you CAN do it!!  Can’t isn’t in the vocabulary!!! “I Can’t = I (C)ertainly (A)m (N)ot (T)rying” YOU CAN!!

It will take TIME, but NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!  Living life isn’t a race people!! It’s a journey!! It took a long while to to pack on all your extra weight, PUT THAT SAME EFFORT IN TAKING IT OFF, and you will be highly rewarded!!

Please also visit my Big Tim’s Primal Journey facebook page for great recipes, tips, links to awesome articles, and of course my notes section for my story, results (90 day results posted) and ask me anything you wish!! I may not always have the answer, but I know that I can point you in the right direction to someone who does!!

If you are just beginning the Primal/Paleo lifestyle and need help and support, along with my page, please join the International Paleo Movement Group (IPMG) There is such a community of like minded awesome individuals who will answer anything you can come up with!! There are resources out there, you are not alone!! You CAN DO this!!




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