6/21/11 First Day of Summer (Officially)

Hey everyone, today is officially the first day of Summer, and here in sunny Southern California, it didn’t disappoint, we hit triple digits at 103.

Sorry I haven’t posted on the blog for awhile, I’ve been super busy keeping up with my BigTimsPrimalJourney Facebook Page to which I am approaching 600 fans (whom I sincerely thank all of you for following me) that I’ve neglected the blog!!! I hope to post here more often, and I’m going to share more info with you.

For now, I have updated my Recipes Tab, so please click on that and checkout my various creations.

I am coming up on my 2nd full month living Primal/Paleo, and I will be surely posting my 60 day results.  I feel amazing each day!!

I have experimented with Intermittent Fasting (IF) during the past 30 days, and am training my body to not need as much food.  It’s really quite amazing!  I will go from Dinner to Lunch most times I do the IF which is about 18 hours with no food, and have gone twice Dinner to Dinner 24 full hours in between meals.  I have experienced no weird hallucinations or crazy suicidal or going postal type thoughts while doing this, and as long as I am focused and realize I’m doing this on purpose, I do just fine.  I drink water and unsweetened Tazo Zen Green Tea throughout the day, and when I do finally eat, it makes the meal that much more satisfying.  I really now only eat once or twice a day now, and am never hungry.

As an example, I had a fairly good sized lunch today of some leftover chili, an uncured pork sausage, 6 oz of leftover tri-tip from last night’s meal, and I wasn’t really hungry at dinner.  Well the Mrs. Big Tim (my wife Kathy) was making skillet chicken and some BACON and it smelled amazing in the kitchen!! Of course I gotta have some Bacon when it’s made, so I had 4 slices of uncured bacon, and had 1 tbsp of coconut oil, (yes straight up off the spoon.)  I was completely satisfied with that, and don’t anticipate eating again till Lunch tomorrow.

I have been very involved in following so many great people out on Facebook and once I figure out how to put up links on the side of the blog, I’ll post their fabulous pages and blogs!!

One place to find many of them is The Paleo Portal created by my friend Ian Lucas.  Great info, so check out the link and bookmark it for reference!!

Another shout out to my friend Dave Parsons, who we affectionately call in our IPMG group, PAPA GROK, describing the Paleo lifestyle.
“If you can’t hunt it, pick it, dig it, or steal it out of a nest…don’t eat it!”

That pretty much sums it up!!

Eat Well, Lift Heavy objects, Sprint Occasionally, Play and have fun, and Sleep!!


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