Support System

Hey all,

I just want to post tonight about how important it is to have a support structure when trying something new such as this lifestyle.  I have been lucky enough to find a group on Facebook called the International Paleo Movement Group.  I spend most of my Facebook time now reading the posts and commenting on them with so many like minded individuals who are living this right along with you!!  There are so many veterans of the lifestyle, and lots of newcomers, and everyone really and truly just wants everyone to be as healthy and fit as possible.  I love this!!

I have met some wonderful people so far, and I’m sure will meet many more.  I have more visitors to my own Facebook page, and that is so very cool.  I created the page just 1 week ago today, and already now 55 likes, many from total strangers, but all who are interested in being healthy and living Primal/Paleo!!

Thank you to all my fans, and tell your friends to just give it some thought!! It will change your life, I promise you!!


Big Tim’s Primal Journey


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2 responses to “Support System

  1. Willi

    Nice words Tim!

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