My first couple weeks

May 15th 2011, it’s 1:02am, and I am working throughout the night tonight, and I sit and wait for things to finish copying and downloading related to my current job, I am passing the waiting time by working on my newly created blog 🙂

Disclaimer – These are my thoughts and opinions, you may or may not agree with me, that is fine.  I am not a doctor, I am just a guy who has finally taken control of his life in relation to taking care of myself.  I have no problem going back and forth with point/counterpoint related to posts I make.  Just keep the points on target, keep the comments clean and intelligent, and we will all get along just fine.  Thank you.

Today Sunday, will mark day 17 of my journey, and for those who follow me on facebook, you have read my story and hopefully I can inspire you to if not try this lifestyle, at least think about the primal/paleo way of eating as there is enough research out there to suggest that everything we have been told and taught about grains, and healthy food, is really nothing but garbage and killing us in the forms of obesity, diabetes, muscle deficiencies, bone deficiencies, and general poor health overall.  We are addicted to sugar and grains, and by making the changes to live primally, you can reverse those cravings, lose weight, gain muscle, and reduce overall inflammation in your body.  I know this as I am living it!

I weighed in Saturday morning, and came in at 297.6 lbs…I started on 4/28/11 at 15.2 lbs on day 16.  Simply amazing stuff.

After I finish work probably around 7:00am, I’ll catch probably about 3 hours of zzzzzz’s and then need to eat some protein…probably some bacon 🙂  MMMMMMMM Bacon!!


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  1. I’ve found that for a recipe like this, it’s eaiesr to roll the dough into a log, then slice disks off to bake. You will end up with more uniform crackers. If you don’t want to use the log method, a pizza cutter works well to cut out the squares

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