Another featured recipe!!

Hey everyone, I finished work this morning about 6:05am, and got my dinner all set up for later.  Crock pot pulled pork.  I’m working on the blog so I’ll put recipes I make in a different section once I figure it out.  So I laid down to sleep…got about 3 hours, and woke up to the smell of the family cooking breakfast.  No one was making bacon as I hoped, but no worries, I wasn’t particularly hungry that moment, but it sure smelled good.

Anyway, I signed on to facebook, and front page of my news feed had another featured recipe I made earlier in the week.  My friends at posted my Meat(loaf) Cake on their Recipe of the Day feature!! I was totally stoked!! It is so great to have people out there who are encouraging and want everyone to succeed and Kristin & James @fastpaleo are just awesome.  Thanks again you guys!! 

So got hungry and made some bacon, oven bacon!! My best friend suggested making bacon this way and I’ll never do it any other way.  Takes a few minutes longer, but the extra time in the oven saves on the time it takes to clean the stove when cooking it on the stovetop!!! I also chopped up some fresh linguisa sausage and cooked that, cracked 3 omega 3 eggs and put the sausage with the eggs and made an omelet.  Great tasty primal/paleo breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausage.  All happy now! 

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