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Recipe of the Day 05/31/11

Hey everyone, I just want to share the link to another of my cooking successes.  My friends at featured my Crock Pot BBQ Beef that I made last night.

Thanks to James and Kristen for the feature!! You guys are awesome!!



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30 Days in, and never looking back!!

Wow, I am so very happy today as I have taken my results for the first 30 days and created a spreadsheet for all to view.

Tim’s 30 Day Stats

I thank the many of you for supporting me and motivating me in this journey!!

BBQ lots of meat, grill up some veggies and live Primal…GROK ON!!

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!






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Support System

Hey all,

I just want to post tonight about how important it is to have a support structure when trying something new such as this lifestyle.  I have been lucky enough to find a group on Facebook called the International Paleo Movement Group.  I spend most of my Facebook time now reading the posts and commenting on them with so many like minded individuals who are living this right along with you!!  There are so many veterans of the lifestyle, and lots of newcomers, and everyone really and truly just wants everyone to be as healthy and fit as possible.  I love this!!

I have met some wonderful people so far, and I’m sure will meet many more.  I have more visitors to my own Facebook page, and that is so very cool.  I created the page just 1 week ago today, and already now 55 likes, many from total strangers, but all who are interested in being healthy and living Primal/Paleo!!

Thank you to all my fans, and tell your friends to just give it some thought!! It will change your life, I promise you!!


Big Tim’s Primal Journey


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Another featured recipe!!

Hey everyone, I finished work this morning about 6:05am, and got my dinner all set up for later.  Crock pot pulled pork.  I’m working on the blog so I’ll put recipes I make in a different section once I figure it out.  So I laid down to sleep…got about 3 hours, and woke up to the smell of the family cooking breakfast.  No one was making bacon as I hoped, but no worries, I wasn’t particularly hungry that moment, but it sure smelled good.

Anyway, I signed on to facebook, and front page of my news feed had another featured recipe I made earlier in the week.  My friends at posted my Meat(loaf) Cake on their Recipe of the Day feature!! I was totally stoked!! It is so great to have people out there who are encouraging and want everyone to succeed and Kristin & James @fastpaleo are just awesome.  Thanks again you guys!! 

So got hungry and made some bacon, oven bacon!! My best friend suggested making bacon this way and I’ll never do it any other way.  Takes a few minutes longer, but the extra time in the oven saves on the time it takes to clean the stove when cooking it on the stovetop!!! I also chopped up some fresh linguisa sausage and cooked that, cracked 3 omega 3 eggs and put the sausage with the eggs and made an omelet.  Great tasty primal/paleo breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausage.  All happy now! 

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My first couple weeks

May 15th 2011, it’s 1:02am, and I am working throughout the night tonight, and I sit and wait for things to finish copying and downloading related to my current job, I am passing the waiting time by working on my newly created blog 🙂

Disclaimer – These are my thoughts and opinions, you may or may not agree with me, that is fine.  I am not a doctor, I am just a guy who has finally taken control of his life in relation to taking care of myself.  I have no problem going back and forth with point/counterpoint related to posts I make.  Just keep the points on target, keep the comments clean and intelligent, and we will all get along just fine.  Thank you.

Today Sunday, will mark day 17 of my journey, and for those who follow me on facebook, you have read my story and hopefully I can inspire you to if not try this lifestyle, at least think about the primal/paleo way of eating as there is enough research out there to suggest that everything we have been told and taught about grains, and healthy food, is really nothing but garbage and killing us in the forms of obesity, diabetes, muscle deficiencies, bone deficiencies, and general poor health overall.  We are addicted to sugar and grains, and by making the changes to live primally, you can reverse those cravings, lose weight, gain muscle, and reduce overall inflammation in your body.  I know this as I am living it!

I weighed in Saturday morning, and came in at 297.6 lbs…I started on 4/28/11 at 15.2 lbs on day 16.  Simply amazing stuff.

After I finish work probably around 7:00am, I’ll catch probably about 3 hours of zzzzzz’s and then need to eat some protein…probably some bacon 🙂  MMMMMMMM Bacon!!


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Big Tim’s Primal Journey Blog


I have entered an amazing journey now living the Primal/Paleo eating lifestyle, and while I have a Facebook page of the same name, Big Tim’s Primal Journey, I have decided to write a blog.  I will post my thoughts on the blog as often as possible to give you updates on my weight loss progress as well as post articles and pictures of various foods and recipes that I make or some of my other primal/paleo friends make.

Thanks for taking the time to follow me, and I wish you success in your own journey.


Find me on facebook at

Big Tim’s Primal Journey

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